• Goran Abdulla

COVID19 in Kurdistan

We are extremely concerned about the current situation with COVID-19 in Iraq and it Kurdistan Region (KRI). The situation in KRI is particularly troubling. The numbers of new cases has dramatically risen recently. On March 26th 2021, the director general of health in Slemany governorate announced that four variants of coronvirus have been discovered in his governorate. If true, this is an extremely worrying development that deserves regional and international attention. As far as we are aware, nowhere else in the world so many variants of coronavirus existed in the same location. We believe that this unfortunate situation is the outcome of combination of factors. Most importantly we believe that the health and administrative authorities in KRI have taken a relaxed approached toward COVID-19 in this current wave. Understandably some of this apathy is due to both bureaucratic and popular fatigue with restriction and consequent economic and social impact. However, such policy will also have disastrous health consequences if not reversed. We urge you to put pressure on the authorities in KRI to take this current wave of COVID-19 seriously. We also call upon you to provide as much assistance in your capacity as possible to counter the expected disastrous consequences. We greatly appreciate your cooperation in this matter. Yours sincerely Public Health Protection Network

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