• Goran Abdulla

Letter to UK's vaccine minister

The Right Honourable Mr Nadhim Zahawi MP

As public health professionals from Kurdistan we are very proud of your achievements as the Minister for COVID Vaccine Deployment.

Your success in this area is a source of encouragement and pride.

We believe that your home country of Kurdistan is in urgent need for your help.

The Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) is experiencing another wave of COVID19. Record numbers of cases and deaths have been registered over the last few weeks.

The health system is, unfortunately, unable to cope with the pressure. The only way out of this disaster is an extensive vaccination programme.

The KRG is, however, in urgent need for assistance in this area.

Not least, officials has to contribute to winning hearts and minds in the fight against COVID19. There is a lot of scepticism about vaccines currently in the KRG.

We plea with you to help the KRG with its vaccination efforts.

We particularly urge you to ask Mr Masrour Barzani and other high ranking officials in the KRG to vaccinate themselves publically.

We thank you for all of what you have done so far and we are sure will do in the future.

Best wishes.

Public Health Protection Network of KurdistanLettter

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