• Goran Abdulla

Life threats on a health activist

We are extremely concerned about threats made against Dr Baxan Talabani, apublic health activist in Kurdistan Region of Iraq.

Dr Talanani has been very active in health advocacy in Kurdistan and Halabja province in particular.

She has been exposing considerable irregularities and corruption in the health sector.

Dr Talabani had taken to social media to expose corruption in the health sector.

Unfortunately the authorities did not respond to Dr Talabani's criticism or take them seriously.

On the contrary, the head of the department of health in Halabja, threatened Dr Talabani on multiple occasions. We have recorded telephone calls that prove that the director has threatened Dr Talabani's life.

We call on the authorities in KRI to protect Dr Talabani's life. We also call on them to respect freedoms of speech. We call on the health authorities in the region to address concerns about corruption seriously.

Public Health Protection Network

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