• Goran Abdulla

Toxic substances in fuel in Kurdistan

We are extremely concerned about the health and adverse environmental consequences of the use of harmful substances in fuel in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq (KRI).

According to our investigations, at least two harmful substances are used in vehicles' fuel in KRI. Lead and Benzene are, unfortunately, widely used. Both to increase the Octane rate of fuel.

As you know, lead has significant health consequences. We have evidence to suggest that the lead level in KRI's environment is logically high. This has resulted in adverse health outcomes for children and adults.

The other substance that is widely used is Benzene. We have evidence that confirms that the level of Benzene in fuel is much higher than the recommended 0.62. As a result of these high levels, we believe the incidence of cancer and other chronic cardio-pulmonary conditions has increased in KRI.

We call on the KRI and Iraqi authorities to ban the use of lead in vehicle fuel. We also call for better disposal of vehicles batteries that contain dangerously high levels of lead.

Also, we recommend that Benzene levels should be lower than the internationally agreed standard if 0.62.

These essential public health measures need legal and policy tools. We are prepared to assist in all of those areas.

Public Health Protection Network

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