• Goran Abdulla

UK's COVID19 assistance to Iraq and Kurdistan

In a recent correspondence, the Right Honourable James Cleverly MP provided information about the UK's assistance to the health response to COVID19 in Iraq and Kurdistan.

The Minister of State for the Middle East and North Africa mentioned that the UK has provided £9.9 million so far.

As one of the civil society groups in Iraq and Kurdistan, we are very grateful for the help and assistance that the UK has provided to date.

However, we are also acutely aware of issues related to corruption and abuse in Iraq's health system. Such problems are even more troubling in Kurdistan. Just as an example, we draw your attention to the children hospital that was built by a UK charity to be later taken over by a private company.

We, therefore, kindly request that the UK government provide a breakdown of how, where and when that £9.9 million was spent.

We are particularly concerned that such funds would be potentially abused for political, tribal and regional purposes rather than equitably, effectively and efficiently.

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